Obstacle Illusions: Transforming Adversity into Success (Keynote)

Using stories from his national bestselling book, Stephen weaves inspiring anecdotes from his life experiences into the fabric of his keynote presentations to bring home the message that overcoming the impossible really is possible if one has the heart to persevere. He aptly describes through the power of storytelling how many obstacles are simply fabrications of the mind. They are creations derived from one’s childhood or outside influences (i.e. society or authorities telling you cannot achieve something). He teaches that many of life's hurdles are products of the imagination—in fact, they are not "obstacles" but rather "illusions."

Obstacles are a Matter of Perception (Keynote)

Anyone who dares to dream is bound to encounter obstacles along the way. Take it from someone who has faced adversity all throughout his life and made attitude adjustments along the way. Stephen demonstrates how a radical change of perception will instantly and drastically alter your life. It's an honest look at adversity in a different light so that one can "achieve the impossible."

Beyond Obstacles: Up Close and Personal with Stephen J. Hopson (Interactive)

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to live in a world of silence—what it'd be like to turn on the radio and hear nothing? What it would be like to see people’s lips move but not hear their voices? The world's first deaf instrument rated pilot and former award-winning Wall Street stockbroker sits down in a dynamic give and take session with the audience to give his perspective on what it’s like to achieve what many have considered to be impossible.

Hopson takes questions from the audience, giving them in-depth glimpses inside his life that led him to take daring risks including, but not limited to, shaving his head as a teenager in a desperate bid to make the finals in the high school swimming championships, becoming a stockbroker, an instrument rated pilot and then transformational speaker/author. They will also be taken on a death-defying journey of the night he flew a small plane through bad weather that could have resulted in his early demise. This interactive experience will have the audience on the edge of their seats, wanting more.

Audiences will come away with a reminder that life is like one big Broadway play in which each of them have a starring role with a wide variety of supporting characters coming and going, usually leaving behind powerful life lessons.

In the final analysis, people will be leave the room much less inclined to judge life as unfair because it's impossible after one extraordinary session with Stephen!

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