Travel Information

Requirements for travel include unrestricted round trip first/business class airfare, transportation to and from the event and other expenses (i.e. parking at the airport, hotel, meals etc.).

Stephen asks that the client prepay and book all travel and hotel arrangements on his behalf.

Air Travel: The Client shall arrange and pre-pay for unrestricted first/business-class, round trip airline tickets from the Speaker's airport to the venue's airport for the Speaker. If the cost is prohibitive or the flight is short, this can be negotiated; please ask. The speaker has an "arrive early, stay late" policy, to insure against flight delays and to leave plenty of time for discussion, socializing, etc.

Ground transportation: For the Speaker between the venue's airport and the Speaker's hotel. The client has a choice of having someone pick him up at the airport or provide car/limo service (with a sign), or have them take a cab with expenses invoiced separately with receipts; your choice.

Hotel accommodations: The client will arrange and pre-pay for the Speaker the day before the event until the day of or the day after the event (depending on the situation). The client will put the master credit card on file with the hotel so that the speaker will not be required to provide the hotel with his personal card upon checking in.

Please see this page for more details on travel/hotel expenses.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephen.

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