Speaker Introduction

Our speaker for this morning/afternoon/evening is Stephen Hopson.

Born profoundly deaf, Stephen is a former award-winning Wall Street stockbroker turned transformational speaker, author and the first deaf pilot in the world to earn an instrument rating in 2006, which is a license to fly as pilot in command of a private aircraft through bad weather.

His new book, "Obstacle Illusions: Transforming Adversity into Success" was released in March of 2011 and became an instant bestseller. It became #4 and #13 in the Happiness and Self Help categories respectively. Itís a book of true stories including the highs, the lows and most embarrassing moments of Stephen's life each of which end with a life lesson learned. Youíll be hearing a select few in todayís lecture.

He is a frequent speaker before all types of groups. The last time he spoke, the audience was glued to their seats. Stephen made sure that happened so that no one would leave.

Let's give him a rousing welcome!

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