Room Setup

If you have already scheduled Stephen to speak, please use the following as a guideline for room setup. If you have any questions, please contact Stephen.

  • A raised platform or stage. This stage should provide the audience an unobstructed view of Stephen during his presentation.
  • A wireless, clip-on microphone. This microphone needs to connect to the room's speaker system or independent audio equipment.
  • Speakers located in front and also behind the audience is recommended. Please test all audio equipment prior to Stephen's arrival.
  • A separate light source/spotlight for the stage will help with keeping the audience's focus on Stephen during his presentation.
  • Please do not overseat the room. If you are planning on presenting to 300 people, set chairs for only 300 (or even fewer). This will force the audience to fill all of the seats, including the front row.
  • The front row should be no further than 10 ft. from the stage.
  •  It is requested that the chairs in the room are staggered, instead of directly behind each other. This will offer a better view to the audience members.
  • Before the presentation, please request that the audience turn off all cell phones, pagers, etc.
  • Using a dark backdrop on the stage will help accentuate the presenter during the event.
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