Frequently Asked Questions

Will the audience be able to understand Stephen without an interpreter speaking for him?

Absolutely! Thanks to many years of speech therapy, Stephen has the extraordinary gift of articulate communication and is capable of speaking without any assistance. The only time he may need an interpreter is if there will be a question and answer session at the end of his presentation from a large group of people. Otherwise, audience members (in a small setting) will be asked to write down questions on an index card so that Stephen can respond to them without the use of an interpreter.

How will Stephen's message reach our audience?

Because Stephen speaks with authenticity and without fluff, he is able to establish a bond with the audience, creating instant creditability. His style of teaching from the platform encourages, inspires and provokes people to the point where they will reach the conclusion that they can also overcome the impossible if they have the heart to persevere. His self-effacing humor makes him down to earth and relatable. Audiences feel like Stephen is talking directly to them, not at them.

Is Stephen able to adapt his message to meet the theme of our meeting?

Stephen prepares for each presentation by reviewing your pre-questionnaire form.  This usually provides the necessary information to help him tailor his talk to your organization. Stephen has several different topics which can be tailored to your objectives.

How is Stephen different and unique as a motivational speaker?

Stephen speaks with integrity, which means he shares stories from his own personal experiences from his years on Wall Street, his experiences as a pilot and the impact his fifth grade teacher made on his life, which caused a ripple effect. His messages are heartfelt and humorous, making it easier for the audience to take home a specific message, tailored just for them.

How else does he prepare for the speaking event? Does Stephen study the overall objectives, purpose, and mission of your organization?

Once a pre-meeting questionnaire has been filled out, Stephen takes a look at the overall purpose and mission of your organization by reviewing brochures, reports and any other information you may send him. If the engagement is local (within 50 miles of Akron, OH), he will personally meet with a handful of people from your organization and interview them prior to the engagement. In addition, he keeps in constant touch with the meeting planner, the president of the organization, and/or other key individuals to help him prepare for the speaking event. This gives him an opportunity to have a better understanding of the needs of your organization.

Does Stephen require any special arrangements due to his circumstance?

A stage is preferred so that the audience may have a clear view. A wireless clip-on microphone is requested. If questions and answers will be part of the presentation, a sign language interpreter will be needed for that portion so that Stephen can respond to questions from the audience. View more details about Room Setup.

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