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Stephen J. Hopson has been profoundly deaf since birth but that hasn't stopped him! He is a former award-winning Wall Street stockbroker turned transformational speaker, bestselling author and first deaf instrument rated pilot in the world.

Stephen is the author of Obstacle Illusions: Transforming Adversity into Success in March 2011, which became an instant national bestseller, debuting at #4 in the Happiness and #13 in the Self Help categories. It contains 25 stories - the highs, the lows and the most embarrassing moments - from his life and the lessons he learned from them. Each chapter establishes in one's mind a scene, perhaps a metaphor, through which the reader feels an intimate relation or connection to the situation. This enables the reader to evaluate obstacles throughout his or her life, while providing a method through which the reader can live his or her life to the fullest. Even after reading a few pages, one feels prepared to accomplish great things.

He has been extensively featured in the media including television (Leeza, CNN, several cable shows), radio (Mitch Albom, Frankie Boyer, Akron News), print (New York Times, Detroit Free Press), magazines (info-pilote, a French aviation magazine, Careers and the disABLED). Stephen was also featured in the Huffington Post the day his book was released.

Stephen credits his mother for teaching him how to speak. Little did she know her son would one day use the powerful gift of speech as a transformational speaker and inspire thousands worldwide to believe in themselves and achieve the impossible.

As a transformational speaker, Stephen is a warm, charismatic and master storyteller who weaves inspiring anecdotes from his life experiences into the fabric of his keynote presentations to bring home the message that overcoming the impossible really is possible if one has the heart to persevere. He aptly describes through the power of storytelling how many obstacles are simply fabrications of the mind. They are creations derived from one's childhood or outside influences (i.e. society or authorities telling you cannot achieve something). He teaches that many of life's hurdles are products of the imagination - in fact, they are not "obstacles" but rather "illusions."

Audiences from around the country experience their own journey of self-discovery. Stephen shares how the success and spiritual principles he lives by can positively influence their thinking, actions, values and lives. He offers powerful insights necessary for individuals to transform themselves into the loving spiritual and human beings they ultimately want to become.

He brings to the platform joy, authenticity and inner power that radiates love and acceptance to every single person in the room. Audiences have said that when they heard him speak, their hearts opened, their minds were inspired and they took life-transforming action, because after hearing his stories, they could not possibly go back to "life as usual" and continue to make excuses for themselves.

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